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Donald Trump today plans to overcome the crisis caused by opiate-containing agents United States Of America 

Donald Trump today plans to overcome the crisis caused by opiate-containing agents

 US President Donald Trump puts on Monday his government’s plans to overcome the crisis of opiate drugs and medicines. According to the draft, Trump urges drug traffickers to impose a death penalty.

    Donald Trump – along with First Lady – travels to the northeastern New Hampshire federal state most affected by the crisis and outlines the details of the plan.
    Andrew Bremberg, White House’s Political Affairs Director, briefed reporters on the plans of the president and government on Sunday evening. According to this, Donald Trump is expected to push harder penalties, including the death penalty, to drug traffickers, and the congress will be encouraged to formulate a law that is mandatory to punish illegally traders with already small amounts of drugs or opiate drugs.
    Government plans include broadening education and government financial support for successful remedies and rehabilitation efforts. At the same time, it would be drastically reduced the distribution of opiate painkillers prescribed only on prescription, namely that Medicaid (the state health insurance for the more moderate income) would not replace the price of these medicines.
    “The White House does not consider the opiate crisis a party-political problem, and it seeks out a two-party solution,” said Kellyanne Conway, White House adviser to President Trump in crisis management.
    Opiates, including heroin, synthetic drugs and opiate painkillers, claimed more than 42,000 deaths in 2016. Donald Trump’s government called the opiate crisis to be a top priority and announced a nationwide health emergency in October last year. At that time, a chairmanship committee was set up to map the situation and to elaborate suggestions and chaired the committee by President Kellyanne Conway.
    The lawmakers are also active in the case. The head of the Drug Control Office (DEA) is reporting on Tuesday at the congress that the institution has and how it has taken to tackle the crisis. Also on Tuesday, the energy and trade committee of the House of Representatives will discuss 25 draft laws on the opiate crisis.

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