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Donald Trump does not become the Deputy Minister of Justice United States Of America 

Donald Trump does not become the Deputy Minister of Justice

Contrary to previous rumors, the US president does not intend to discard Rod Rosenstein of the Deputy Minister of Justice. Donald Trump himself told reporters on Monday at the White House before he went to Florida for a conference.

The president has already indicated that he is reluctant to resign from the Deputy Minister of Justice, but for the first time he has firmly stated that Rod Rosenstein is in office.
Rosenstein’s possible dismissal for weeks has been one of the main topics of US domestic politics and the media. One newspaper earlier claimed that Rosenstein found it unsuitable for Donald Trump to run the Presidential Office and was planning to ask his colleagues secretly to record the President’s words.
Trump was spared the dismissal of Deputy Minister of State by several Republican politicians and the justice minister Jeff Sessions. The head of the justice ministry indirectly even referred to it. if Rosenstein was dismissed, he would also lose his post.
On Monday morning, the president left Orlando, Florida, where he spoke at a police conference afternoon at local time. Rod Rosenstein travels on the chairman’s machine.
Rosenstein oversees the work of Robert Mueller’s special committee, which, during the 2016 presidential election campaign, was to reveal a possible collusion between members of the Donald Trump campaign team and the Russians.

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