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Donald Trump signed a statement in honor of Martin Luther King Memorial Day United States Of America 

Donald Trump signed a statement in honor of Martin Luther King Memorial Day

Declaration by US President Donald Trump on Friday to commemorate the “Great American Hero” in honor of the Memorial Day of the African American Civil Warrior Martin Luther King.

At a brief commemoration in the White House, Donald Trump said: “We celebrate Martin Luther King this day because he has stood up for Americans with a valuable, self-evident truth that does not matter the color of our skin or the place where we were born, God created all of us equal “.
In his brief speech, the president praised Martin Luther King for standing up to the rights of African Americans and then giving the floor to Ben Carson, Minister of Construction and Urban Development. Carson, an Afro-American politician who longed for the life of a young Martin Luther King, recalled the historic story of the murdered politician 55 years ago in Washington, where his famous words were “I have a dream …”.
On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, held the most famous hymn of his career in calling for US lawmakers to abolish racial discrimination,
After Carson’s reverent words, Donald Trump signed the proclamation. Since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, however, all American presidents signed a declaration on this national holiday.
The present journalists wanted to ask Donald Trump about the dangers of immigrants coming from Haiti, Salvador and African countries on the previous day, saying the countries in question were “disgusting states”, but the chairman left without speaking. Donald Trump from the White House went to the Walter Reed military hospital for medical examinations in Washington. This is the first official medical examination of the Presidency, which is accompanied by huge media attention.

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