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Donald Tusk criticized the American president’s position on European Allies European Union 

Donald Tusk criticized the American president’s position on European Allies

Artur Champion, MTI correspondent means:
He strongly criticized US President Donald Trump’s position on European Allies on Tuesday, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council after signing the EU-NATO Co-operation Statement.

“Dear America, honor your allies, since there are not so many of them. Dear Europe, increase your defense expenditures because well-prepared and well-equipped allies are respected by everyone,” Tusk said at the Brussels press conference following the signing.
The chairman of the Council reminded Trump that after Europe’s terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, Europe was the first to join the United States, and 870 European soldiers were killed in the war in Afghanistan. “Money is important, but true solidarity is even more important,” he said.
“Mr President, please remember this tomorrow when we meet at the NATO Summit, but more so when Vladimir Putin meets with Russia in Helsinki. It is always important to know who is a strategic friend and who is the strategic problem,” he said.
“The United States has no and will not have a better alliance with Europe that spends on military expenditures than China and often as much as Russia. It is undoubtedly an investment in common American and European defense and security that can not be said to be the Russian and Chinese military spending, “he said.
Joint Declaration signed on Tuesday by EU and NATO leaders agreed to further strengthen cooperation between the two organizations.
As it is said, the key to working together and deepening it against the changing security challenges is, inter alia, in the areas of military mobility, hybrid and cyber threats, WMD and terrorism, as well as the management of the refugee and migrant crisis.
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, called the document a milestone that further strengthens the parties’ commitment.
He pointed out that NATO and the EU are the “most natural partners”, the two organizations have 22 Common Member States, 95% of EU citizens live in NATO, share values such as democracy and freedom and largely challenges and threats .
Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Alliance, reported that cooperation between NATO and the EU has now reached an unprecedented level, and the Tuesday statement further deepens and widenes it.
The leader of the military organization welcomed progress on the EU’s defense dimension, saying it was merely an additional option, not an alternative to NATO, the operation of which he felt was essential for the security of the Euro-Atlantic area.

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