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They have decided: Iran bans the teaching of English World 

They have decided: Iran bans the teaching of English

Iran bans English teaching and learning in primary schools – announced a senior local bureaucracy.

Mehdi Navid-Adham, a member of the local council of education, said on public television that it would be illegal to take the English language education curriculum at state primary school.

By banning English, they want to defend themselves against the Western “cultural invasion,” because “the assumption is that education is the foundation of Iranian culture for students”. In Iran only high school starts with language teaching, ie 12 or 14 years old, but some primary schools have already taught English. And of course, richer families who have put their children in private schools have learned English sooner, because there is no limitation on this, “writes The Guardian.

Ali Hamenei’s Ayatollah and other religious leaders of Iran have so far guarded the population from Western “cultural invasion”. In 2016, however, Hamenei was even caught in some kindergartens of English language training. Then he said that does not mean opposing language learning, but it is still a propagation of a foreign culture among children and young adults in their country.

Thanks to the new law, large-scale demonstrations are still regular, which require dozens of deaths. This is similar to a few years ago did not occur in the country. Some have already criticized Hamaenes, the supreme religious and state leaders, which had not been particularly prevalent in the past.

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