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It was closed one day at London’s airport for a World War II bomb United Kingdom 

It was closed one day at London’s airport for a World War II bomb

 On Monday, one of London’s airports, a city in the financial district, was shut down on Monday, World War II German bomb was found near the airport.

    The area was closed by the Scotland Yard and the Royal Navy by night, but it did not touch the traffic of the airport, as the City does not work at night and, on the other hand, significantly restricts its traffic at night, given the densely populated neighborhoods of the area.
    Of the five international airports serving London, City is the only one operating in the British capital’s inner city.
    The airport is popular with business people in the financial services sector of the City, as they can be reached within a few minutes from their jobs and can be reached by direct flights to other European financial centers and to New York, in addition to domestic destinations.
    Monday’s closure, according to the airport’s announcement, concerns about 16,000 passengers.
    The bomb was found in the River Thames during renovations around the airport. On-site naval experts found that the explosive facility was operational, Scotland Yard then ordered the closure of the airport and the surrounding roads in around 200 meters.
    Residents were also evacuated from the locked area.
    City is the smallest airport in London; 4.5 million passengers a year. Of London’s airports, the largest is the Heathrow, which operates in the western border of the capital, with 75 million passengers per year.
    The City is the only one of the five London International Airports that do not have regular flights from Budapest.
    In the area, in the first half of the last century, docks at the then seaport of London were operating – the part of the district is still called Docklands – which were especially fierce German air raids during the months of the Battle of England.
    However, since the 1980s, the former port area has become the main target area of ​​the London-based financial service center east-southeast, with docks now occupied by skyscrapers.
    The City Airport was built to serve this new financial center, which started traffic in the autumn of 1987.

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