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For one euro, it offers for sale vacant houses in a beautiful village on the island of Sardinia      Travel 

For one euro, it offers for sale vacant houses in a beautiful village on the island of Sardinia    

They are trying to save an Italian village from depopulation with a special offer: two hundred vacant houses in Ollola, on the island of Sardinia, are offered for sale for just one euro. Like many other settlements in the country, the number of inhabitants of Ollola has been decreasing, the number of people living here has dropped from 2250 to 1300 in the past few decades and only five to ten children are born annually. The hustle and bustle of the hills surrounding the hills, cobbled streets and stone houses nowadays are almost empty. The majority of traditional houses built from gray granite in the area are in poor condition. Movers moving to the village must undertake to renovate the purchased building within three years, estimated at around € 25,000. Three houses have so far been sold, but there is a great deal of interest in them. The mayor, Efisio Arbauel, said that potential customers from all over the world were interested, even from Australia and Russia.

Ollolai boasts not only friendly people, clean air, wonderful views and sunshine, but also has centuries-old traditions and special history. The village has been inhabited since ancient times, and pagan ancestors have allegedly never offered themselves to the Romans as their barbarians. Some traditions are still alive, for example, they are still making Casu Fiore Sardo, a solid cheese made from sheep’s milk and aged for at least six months, which has been a Sardinian specialty for centuries, but basket making was not forgotten either.

Ollolai is also a one hour drive away from the popular seaside town of Cala Gonone, famous for its breathtaking cliffs and stunning sea caves, but also a perfect place to dive.

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