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Some conservative MEPs would surrender to the British Prime Minister and members of the government would stand by       United Kingdom 

Some conservative MEPs would surrender to the British Prime Minister and members of the government would stand by    

According to British press reports confirmed on Friday, several representatives of the ruling Conservative Party are preparing to try to leave Prime Minister Theresa May. However, several members of the May cabinet protested against the head of government.

The Friday edition of the Conservative British Times newspaper The Times wrote that Prime Minister Allies’ accusations were that Grant Shapps, the former president of the Conservative Party, was at the helm of the House of Representatives, which had been organized to reach the head of government.
Shapps has virtually confirmed this as a statement. Asked whether he really was the leader who tried to escape Theresa May, he said that, in the view of the lost elections, the Conservative Party should seek a new leader who could advance the party.
Shapps on BBC Radio’s Friday political magazine show added that the party’s lower house representatives “have every right to” make Theresa Mayt “go for a break.”
In Britain, an early parliamentary election was held on 8 June, which Theresa May set out with the intention of electors confirming their government’s mandate to negotiate the conditions for expelling British membership. The Conservative Party, however, has lost its former low-income majority instead of the expected mandate gain, and has since ruled in minority, with the ex-ad hoc support of the largest Protestant force in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).
May, speaking at the annual congress of the party this week in Manchester, he apologized for the conservatives who had unexpectedly poor results in the summer parliamentary elections. He declared that he assumes all responsibility for the election campaign of the Conservative Party not reaching its intended purpose.
However, his congressional speech, whose secret purpose was to strengthen May’s position at the head of the party, the head of government was forced to interrupt repeatedly due to recurring coughing attacks, his voice being often overwhelmed and, at times, he did not seem to know his speech. In addition, the speech was disturbed by a well-known comedian who somehow gained delegate accreditation for the congress, and at the end of the speech, the stage decoration behind the lecture platform began to fall apart.
After the final congressional closing speech, the rumors that the organization within the Conservative Party started with a change of direction, especially among those who have gone to Theresa May since the weak election, immediately came up. The position of the prime minister is also inadequate by the fact that senior officials of the European Union have in the past few days considered the progress made in the exit negotiations to be insufficient.
Amber Rudd, Minister of the Interior, in his article in the Friday edition of The Daily Telegraph, however, protested against Theresa May. According to Rudd, the government is heading for May on the road to the prosperous, secure and united United Kingdom. Theresa May needs to stay “, the Interior Minister said in his statement.
Michael Gove, Minister of the Environment, called BBC Radio as a “fantastic leader” May, who he believes supports the “overwhelming majority of the party’s lower house representatives and all members of the cabinet”. “I hope he will remain prime minister for years,” he added.

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