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Bringing one billion passengers with biofuels to IATA by 2025        Other Big World Travel 

Bringing one billion passengers with biofuels to IATA by 2025     

It will deliver billions of passengers with biofuel airplanes by 2025 on scheduled flights to the International Air Transport Association.

According to a statement issued Monday by MTI by a trading organization with 250 airlines in Montreal, the first flight that was piloted was completed ten years ago in February 2008 between Boeing 747 in London and Amsterdam, Virgin Atlantic. Of the four engines in the machine, only one fueled biofuel from sustainable sources, but the experiment has proven that alternative fuels can also be operated on airplanes.
Alexandre de Juniac, the organization’s chief executive, said that the spread of biofuels in aviation was unstoppable, since ten years later, the airline had made the alternative fuel a hundred and a half miles away, and the new goal was to provide airlines by 1 billion passengers by 2025 on flights with biofuel powered aircraft.
However, according to Alexandre de Juniac, there is a need for government support, which should at least support the use of alternative fuels used in aviation, as in the automotive industry.
IATA encourages the use of biofuels because, according to their studies, this solution can reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions in 2005 by half the level of environmental pollution, and by 2020 the development of aviation will be carbon neutral: thus, with a rise in CO2 emissions.
Cathay Pacific, Qantas, JetBlue, Lufthansa, United and FedEx, which have already invested 1.5 billion gallons of alternative fuels, and the Oslo, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Brisbane airports, are the pioneers in the project: biofuels offer airlines.

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