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The UK’s dominant husband came from the hospital British Royal Family 

The UK’s dominant husband came from the hospital

On Friday, the Edinburgh-based 96-year-old husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, who succeeded in implanting hip prostheses last week, returned from hospital Friday. According to the Buckingham Palace’s Friday announcement, King of Edward, who was named after London’s hospital, left the Windsor residence of the royal family. According to the announcement, Phillip is thankful to all those who have accumulated their wishes during their hospital treatment.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who had performed the operation on last Wednesday, was absent from several public events before the operation. He was not present, for example, at the traditional Easter temple visit of the royal couple, and in the grand prize-money silver medal for many centuries when his spouse II. Queen Elizabeth, who celebrates her 92nd birthday next week, handed her 92 chosen subjects to the usual ceremony at this time.

Court insiders commenting on the British press that Fülöp has been kept away from these looks. Last autumn, Philip officially withdrew from public appearances in the fall. By the end of August, Prince Edwin had fulfilled all of his public disclosure requirements in his pre-agreed program, but he did not accept invitations for such events, although he has been publicly released ever since.

Recently, II. Queen Elizabeth also reduced her work-time: she has not made any official travel abroad, and she has been giving more and more to the royal family’s younger members of her family’s official duties.

Source: MTI Photo: ATV

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