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Prince Harry and his bride ask for charity donations instead of wedding gifts British Royal Family United Kingdom 

Prince Harry and his bride ask for charity donations instead of wedding gifts

Instead of wedding gifts, supporters of charities were invited by Harryherceg and her fiance, Meghan Markle, on Monday to invite anyone who wishes to express their wishes in a way that they wish to congregate.

This year, 34-year-old prince – Charles Crown Prince and the late Diana princess son of II, Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter – and the engagement of the 37-year-old American actress was announced at the end of November. The wedding will be on May 19 in Windsor, England’s oldest royal residence. Kensington Palace – Harry’s London Residency and Residency – In a call to the Prince’s Dad, Harry said: “Harry and his bride have chosen seven charities and ask that the guests invited to the wedding or anyone who wants to please instead of their gifts instead, donate money to these organizations.

Among the designated charity institutions is the Children’s HIV Association (CHIVA), which tries to help British and Irish children and their families infected with HIV, the Crisis UK aid organization supporting the homeless, or the Myna Mahila Foundation, located in the Mumbai slum living women are trying to improve their fate.

The Kensington Palace emphasizes that Harry and her fiancé have no direct relationship with these charitable organizations. Meanwhile, preparations for the arrival of their latest royal greatwoman began.
Katalin, the princess of Cambridge, Harry’s brother, Prince William, for the future proud of the British throne, is expecting her third child this month. The Kensington Palace reported Monday that the prince brought the child to the baby at the St. Mary’s Hospital in Lindo Wing, London, where the first two children of the couple, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were born.

On Monday, metal barriers were laid out on the road ahead of the hospital, temporarily forbidden to park around the building, and designated a place on the sidewalk where representatives of the world press could wait as the yard announces that Katalin has arrived at the hospital.

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