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It’s a spirited English railway station Interesting Facts 

It’s a spirited English railway station

It is a Victorian-style railway station in England. However, those who are interested are warned, for the building has, according to common belief, been a ghost.

Chapeltown, South-Yorkshire, is now stationed at the out-of-the-way station at Ticket Office and on the platform. There are three bedrooms in the building to be renovated.
As for the ghost, according to The Independent, Friday’s report, a man’s ghost inhabits the building who lost his life in the Second World War when Churchill tanks were set off from the station. However, current owners did not report “paranormal activities” according to the BBC.
At the station, passenger traffic was stopped in 1953, but it was used for many years. The building is just over three kilometers from the M1 motorway, making it the ideal home for commuters. Not far from the new chapeltown station either. The environment is ideal for nature lovers, surrounded by a beautiful forest.
The target price is 250 thousand pounds (90 million forints), the property will be auctioned in early September.

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