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Clint Walker is a US Western star        Movie 

Clint Walker is a US Western star     

She died at age 90 when she died of heart failure at Clinton Walker, a Hollywood star, starred by the movie The Dirty Twelve.

Walker, according to the New York Times report, died Monday in Northern California, wrote
The actor was featured for seven seasons in the mid-1950s in the western genre Cheyenne after a civil war. Later, Frank Sinatra chose to play the key role in the “Only the Brave” movie of war, and then turned it into Samson Posey in 1967 in the dirty twelfth drama.
It was featured in the Great Bank Robbery and Sam Wilson’s Whiskey, and in 1977 in the Canadian drama “Deadly Harvest” by Kim Cattrall.
Walker also had a successful career as singer, singing several songs from Cheyenne, and in 1959 a Christmas album appeared. Later, he sang in the western grizzly night.
The 1,98-meter-long, blue-eyed, handsome actor has been glamor of the Celebrities Promenade in 1960, and in 1997 received the Golden Boot Award for its western genre. His Sister Virgin died in 2000. She married three times, her first wife was born to a daughter.

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