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The “Heritage Lotto” was launched in France to preserve the monuments Culture 

The “Heritage Lotto” was launched in France to preserve the monuments

France has received millions of euros in revenue from the “Heritage Legacy Lottery” launched on Monday to cover the cost of restoring historic buildings and monuments in a bad state.

The coupons began to be sold in the traffic on Monday. The popularity of the popular television personality, Stéphane Bern, initiated by the “heritage lottery” revenue, is devoted to restoring important historic buildings of religious, industrial or architectural significance, which can not be financed by settlements.
Through this initiative, nearly 270 sites will receive financial support and 18 of them will be completely refurbished. The narrowed list includes an 18th century fortress on a small island in Brittany, the late French poet Aimé Césaire in Martinique, a 12th-century burgundy mansion and a Roman canal bridge.
Special lotteries are held on September 14, prior to September’s cultural heritage. The price of lottery tickets is 15 euros (5 thousand forints), with the “heritage lottery”, and they also issue a new scratchcard, the proceeds of which are also used to support recovery projects. The lottery’s main prize is € 13 million, while the scratch card will earn a maximum of € 1.5 million in the lottery record.
France’s annual heritage protection budget is 326 million euros. According to French Minister of Culture Francoise Nyssen, the amount of special lotteries, estimated at EUR 15-20 million, will help efforts to protect historic buildings.
Stéphane Bern considered the EUR 15 million “drop in the sea” as at least five percent of the buildings in France’s conservation buildings, some two thousand buildings, would require restoration. At the same time, the lottery may have the impression in the French that cultural heritage is their own property – the television presenter emphasized as a test for gambling.
Stéphane Bern announced on Friday that he would not pursue volunteered conservation work by the government after the end of the year when it turns out that he has used politics only as a “clown,” and does not spend enough money to restore the ruined buildings.
In France, this is the first such initiative. In Great Britain, a heritage lottery fund for heritage protection and cultural heritage has long existed for a certain part of national lottery revenue.

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