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Banksy’s picture of a Toronto exhibition was stolen Culture United Kingdom 

Banksy’s picture of a Toronto exhibition was stolen

Banksy took a picture of a Toronto exhibition of British graffiti artists.

According to the local police, the Trolley Hunters, worth $ 35,000, was taken on Sunday in a factory building in the western part of the city, “wrote BBC News.
The authorities released Thursday site security footage, which shows that a man walks into the showroom shortly after five o’clock in the local time, scans the area and takes a print and hastily leaves.
The Art of Banksy exhibition, produced by Steve Lazarides, a former agent of the mysterious British graffiti artist, brings together some eighty of his private-born works by Banksy.
The works of the artist, dedicated to the exhibition of the greatest volume ever, have been estimated at about $ 35 million.
Lazarides worked with the artist for about ten years, who did not participate in the organization of the present exhibition.
The 2007 Trolley Hunters depicts three hunters, one of whom is targeting a “team” shopping trolley with his lance.
The company organizing the show confirmed that the print was lost during the preparations for the Wednesday opening, but due to the ongoing investigation, more details are not disclosed.

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