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First, two paintings by Salvador Dalí are auctioned Culture 

First, two paintings by Salvador Dalí are auctioned

He is auctioning Sotheby’s Salvador Dalí’s two paintings, which the artist himself sold in the 1930s to an Argentine countess. On February 28, works of art can be replaced by an impressionist and modern art auction at the London auction house.

“These are the paintings that make it worthwhile for my work, the newly discovered creations, and they are of the highest quality when you first see them and have to pay them, and you are very honored to be able to launch such a pearl for the first time”, said Thomas Bompard, the auctioneer.
The two paintings were painted by the Catalan painter Count Cuevas de Vera, who lived in Argentina and France and made friends with the 1920s and 1930s artists and cultural figures in Paris, including Luis Bunuell with whom he had a relationship, and Dalí, Picasso and Jean Cocteau -with.
Dalí liked the strong women, so he easily became acquainted with the Countess, who was not only rich and eccentric but feminist, politician. Tota’s nicknamed woman was attracted to a magnet by Dale, “the Daily Newspaper The Guardian quoted the art historian as saying.
Both paintings are emotionally overheated and full of symbols. In 1931, Gradiva depicted a mythological figure, Wilhelm Jensen’s novel in 1903. In the work, a young archaeologist is obsessed with a female figure depicted on an early Roman relief. This was the story used by Sigmund Freud, the founder of the Psychoanalytic School, in the study of Beauty of Ideology and the Concept of Love. Gradiva was also Dalí’s wife, the nickname of Gala, which was given to him by the painter.
The Maison Pour Erotomane painted in 1932 is a strange, hallucinational work that depicts a clay, horse, and car in the foreground with a man and a woman who is Dalí and his wife. The two paintings were in the artist’s era when Dalí found himself, “Bompard explained.
Both of these paintings were bought by the countess and stayed in her family until now. Gradiva was loaned for only one occasion in the Lausanne in Switzerland in the 1980s. The other has not been seen by the public since the 1930s.
Both paintings have an estimated value of 1.2-1.8 million pounds.
Sotheby’s auction of February will be a 1937 painting by Pablo Picasso, which is also debuting in the art market. The value of the femme au wages and the la robe quadrillée (Marie-Thérese Walter) depicting the lover of a Spanish pain is estimated at 36.5 million pounds (12.6 billion forints) by professionals.

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