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He got a new documentary from Michael Moore Movie 

He got a new documentary from Michael Moore

This is the title that many things can be said, but not that it is a click hunter. Why the fuck is that Michael Moore? And first, doku? Who cares? But it will not hurt you to get more people. Moore, all his demagogy and the message People’s voice with a hammer in his face, is a great documentary organizer, he goes to the subject and does not stop even when he is different. Such was the Columbus High School Shootout Cola, Rifle, Fries, and the Fahrenheit 9/11, which slammed the presidency of the younger Bush, which is, by the way, the biggest documentary film of all time and the winner of the Cannes Golden Pill. And now here is Fahrenheit 11/9.

The subject of course is the United States, and within Trump’s presidency, during which the country says Moore is fractured and does not think much to start with, at least that suggests Trump is the last president of the United States. Because you will either end the democratization but ultimately, or there will be no country that can be president because it blows the atomic war. The film is screened by US cinemas on September 21st.

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