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A Saudi journalist in Istanbul has disappeared from Riyadh Big World 

A Saudi journalist in Istanbul has disappeared from Riyadh

Lost Jamal Hasogdis, a reporter from Saudi Arabia who is critical of Riyadh in Istanbul. Recently, he was seen at the Consulate in Saudi, but diplomatic representation claims he left the building.

Habertürk, a prominent Turkish news portal, reported on Thursday that the Consulate General of Saudi had told Hasogdis that he had disappeared after he left the building after leaving. Saudi diplomats cooperate with the Turkish authorities in order to investigate the matter – the Consul General added.
Mr Hasogdis, an external member of the American newspaper The Washington Post, arrived in the South Consulate at the Consulate General’s office on Tuesday to arrange documents before the scheduled civil wedding. According to her, Hasogizzi handed her the phone to her before she joined the Consulate General, but after that she did not come out.
Hasogdis’s bride emphasized that he was not suspect in any case, no accusation or judgment against him. It was only a man whose writings and insights he did not love in his country, “she remarked.
Her statement is consistent with her statement on the Wednesday evening press conference of the Turkish President’s spokeswoman. Ibrahim Kalin said that according to the head of state office, Hasogdis is still in the building of the Consulate General in Saudi Arabia.
The 59-year-old Hasogizzi left Saudi Arabia last year and moved to the United States to name Mohamed bin Salman as Saudi crown prince.
Hasogix was in close contact with Prince Al-Valid bin Talal who was arrested in December last year with dozens of princes of Saudi Arabia, officials and businessmen arrested for corruption charges. The unprecedented official action was executed on the command of the anti-corruption committee led by the heir to the Mohammed bin Salman.
Hasogdis as a journalist for The Washington Post regularly criticized Saudi leadership for the war in Yemen, the diplomatic stalemate with Canada and the arrest of women’s lawmakers.

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