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Erdogan: Turkish authorities closely monitor case of Riyadh-critical Saudi journalist Big World 

Erdogan: Turkish authorities closely monitor case of Riyadh-critical Saudi journalist

Turkish police and intelligence closely follow the case of Pakistan’s false journalist, Jamal Hasogdis, who was missing in Istanbul earlier this week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters Sunday in Kizilcahamam, Central Turkey.

Hasogjian lost his stamp on Tuesday, after joining the Consulate of Saudi. The man with his Turkish bride was looking for a delegation because he needed documents from Saudi to marry. She was waiting for the consulate, but according to the bride, Hasogdis did not come out of the building, and no one ever saw her.
The Turkish President said on Sunday that the Turkish authorities are investigating the surveillance of the surveillance cameras located around the consulate and at airports. He added that you are waiting for the outcome of the investigation. He stressed that it is very sad that this is happening in Turkey, but he also hopes that “we did not do what we did not want”. Erdogan – who in his statement called his old friend and friend Hasogiz – stated at the same time that when the investigation is completed, the result is communicated to the public.
The Turkish Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the disappearance of the opposition journalist on Saturday. According to the first investigation by the Turkish authorities, Hasogji was killed in a consular post in a planned manner and then his body was killed. Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consulate strongly denied the Turkish communication. Foreign delegation called the Turkish claim unfounded and said Saturday that Saudi investigators also arrived in Istanbul to participate in the investigation. On Friday Mohamed bin Szalman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia also offered to the Turkish authorities to search the Consulate building.
Ankara and Riyad spoke contradictory statements on the matter. According to the Saudi authorities, Hasogizzi left the consulate building the same day and could disappear after that, but according to Turkey, there is nothing to support this.
The Turkish state news agency Anadolu, previously referring to Turkish security sources, wrote on Tuesday that 15 Saudi citizens, including officials, arrived in Istanbul with two separate airplanes, entered the consulate when Hasogdsi visited the diplomatic facility and left Turkey on the same day.
According to Anadolu’s report, Turan Kislakci, chairman of the Arab Journalists Association in Turkey, said in a press conference Sunday that the journalist association had the confirmed information that Hasogji was cruelly murdered.
Hasogdis, known as the sharp critic of the Absolute Monarch in Saudi Arabia, left his country last year and has lived in the United States since then.
Jamal Hasogix regularly appeared as a commentator on Arabic news releases and was previously an Adviser to Turki al-Fejszal, a former ambassador to London and Washington, who was in Saudi intelligence. A series of interviews with Osama bin Laden, leader of the al-Qaeda International Terror Network, has also been killed in Saudi Arabia since then. He wrote among others about the prestigious American newspaper The Washington Post. In recent years, he has criticized in many articles on the Arab kingdom’s action against dissidents, the Saudi intervention in Yemen, and the Saudi steps against Qatar and Canada.

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