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Erdogan: Turkey backed an opposition militia on the town of Afrin          Big World 

Erdogan: Turkey backed an opposition militia on the town of Afrin       

Turkey’s support for a moderate opposition militia, the Liberian Syrian Army (SZSZH), took the town of Afrían, Northern Syrian on Sunday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced in Canakkale, Western Turkey.

As he said, the CSO in the settlement “fully took control” of the Kurdish militia of People’s Protection Units (YPG).
Erdogan stressed that Ankara will do its utmost to make the region alive and African refugees in Turkey will return to their homes as soon as possible.
The Turkish troops have reported on their Twitter account that soldiers in the city are currently searching for mines and home-made explosive devices.
According to Turkish news agency reports, the Soviet Socialist Party approached Afrine in a short time from the south-east, and during the foresight it was often heard a voice of gunfire and explosions from the settlement. The Turkish Air Force fighters also circled in the air.
The Star Correspondent of the Star Turkish Government Television reported that the Soviet Union had pressed into the city almost without clashes.
The Ihlas news agency also wrote that the USSR detained the YPG’s armed forces and removed the Kurdish militia banners and posters.
Turkey launched an offensive in the African region on January 20 for Kurdish gunmen there, whom Ankara considers to be a terrorist. The YPG militia is one of the closest allies of the Western coalition to fight the terrorist organization called the Islamic State. The US also supported them with weapons. Ankara launched an attack in January that the armed Kurds are a security threat. Turkey fears that if the Kurds gain any independence in the north of Syria, it will strengthen the aspirations of self-sufficiency of the more than ten million Kurdish minority in Turkey.
According to information from the Anadolu Turkish state news agency, the Olajág co-operation has so far had 3569 “terrorists”. The siege of about 350,000 Africans began on Monday, and the Turkish army and the CSO practically closed the settlement. According to the Organization for Human Rights Syrian Observatory (OSDH), a UK-based organization said that Wednesday, more than 150,000 local people left south through a narrow corridor through the area and fled government or Kurdish militias to control areas.

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