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The oldest weapons in North America have been found in Texas United States Of America 

The oldest weapons in North America have been found in Texas

The oldest weaponry ever found in North America can be the ancient darts that researchers at Texas A & M University discovered in Austin, approximately 65 kilometers northwest of the central Texas State.

Finding around 15,500 years of stalactites raises new questions about the establishment of the first people on the continent.
A research team led by Michael Waters paleontologist found a number of 7.5 to 10 centimeters long droppings at Debra L. Friedkin, Texas. In the area 12 years of intensive archaeological excavations have taken place.
The hardwood and other materials have been found in sediment layers that used them for 15,500 years, that is to say, they used the Clovis culture to populate North America more than ten thousand years ago. The people of Clovis culture have been held for decades by the first American natives.
“There is no doubt that these guns have been used for hunting in the area, and the discovery is significant because almost all of the Clovis pre-culture sites have been found to be stone objects, never token bushes. These mountains were found below the Clovis and subsequent Folsom cultures The Clovis culture existed between 13,000 and 12,700 years ago after Folsom. It was always a dream to find the finds that can be recognized by the Clovis culture and what we found at the Friedkin site, “Professor Waters cited is a science-educative news portal.
“The finds extend our knowledge of the earliest people discovering and settling in North America The American occupation at the end of the last ice age was a complex process and this complexity appears in the genetic records Now we begin to see the reflection of this complexity in archaeological excavations – Waters added.

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