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North Korean crisis – Pence: America has not made concessions in exchange for negotiations        Big World United States Of America 

North Korean crisis – Pence: America has not made concessions in exchange for negotiations     

The US vice-president in Friday’s statement stressed that the United States had “zero concessions” for North Korea in return for talks.

Mike Pence stated that North Korea was willing to sit in a negotiating table, noting that Washington not only made concessions, but increased pressures on Pyongyang. He emphasized that the Phenjani invitations to a summit are proof of President Donald Trump’s strategy of isolating the Communist regime.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who is on the African boulevard, also said. He told the reporters that he was accompanied by a “dramatic change” in the behavior of the North Korean leader in the summit. According to US diplomats, Donald Trump accepted the summit invitation because Kim Dzsong Un had a surprisingly “forward-looking” attitude to his talks with the South Korean delegation in Phenjan. This, according to Tillerson’s words, was very surprising to the United States. According to the minister, Kim Jong Un really wants to negotiate.
The meeting was welcomed by Republican leader Ed Royce of the US House of Representatives and the influential Republican Senator of South Carolina, Lindsey Graham.
Royce says sanctions against North Korea are “starting to work” and the government can use more diplomatic tools while legislators maintain pressure. The politician said that the White House had not informed the legislators about the expected summit.
Lindsey Graham said in a Twitter post that President Trump’s “hard-fought action against North Korea and its nuclear aggression has been the first time in decades with the most beautiful hopes of resolving this threat in a peaceful way”. The senator also warned Kim Jong Un to try to “play with the American president because it would end the North Korean regime”.
Donald Trump on Thursday – with South Korean broadcasting – accepted Kim Jong Un’s summit proposal. Politicians may sit for a meeting table by the end of May.

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