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EU Summit – Residual Member States: insufficient progress in the Brexit negotiations         Brexit European Union 

EU Summit – Residual Member States: insufficient progress in the Brexit negotiations      

Until now, insufficient progress has been made in the negotiations on the conditions for the EU’s demarcation in the United Kingdom to enable further negotiations on the future issues of future relations, the leaders of the Member States remaining after the British withdrawal at their meeting in Brussels on Friday said.

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, reported on Twitter that the twenty-two accepted their closing statement on the subject, endorsing the “internal preparation” of the EU-UK trade negotiations, so that if progress can be made on the key issues previously set forth, the next round of negotiations on the future relationship system.
In their statement, the leaders of the remaining Member States welcomed the progress made in the field of citizens’ rights, but pointed out that appropriate assurances should be given to all concerned and explicitly pointed out that the United Kingdom should accept the European Court of Justice jurisdiction for EU citizens rejected by the UK Government .
They acknowledge that “some progress” has been made on the issue of the Northern Ireland border, but have stressed that London is expected to “have flexible and imaginative” solutions to settle the “unique situation”.
As was written, while the UK has stated that it will meet its financial obligations towards the EU, no specific proposal has yet been received from London.
The twenty-two have called for the continuation of work so that they can go back to the second phase as soon as possible and have been informed that the December EU summit will re-evaluate the state of negotiations and, if possible, approve the commencement of negotiations on trade issues and a possible transitional period .

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