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EU Summit – Pellegrini: Frontex should not replace but complement it European Union 

EU Summit – Pellegrini: Frontex should not replace but complement it

Frontex should act as a complementary solution, not a substitute for independent border guards and such member states, said Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini after meeting Prime Ministers of the Visegrád Four, immediately prior to the informal EU summit, reporting to reporters in Salzburg on Wednesday.

Peter Pellegrini, according to a report by the Slovakian public service TASR, said after the V4 meeting that he did not make any “absolute no” plans for strengthening the Frontex European border and coastal protection agency, but that it was clear that tasks and competences.
“For Frontex, we believe it is important not to replace the sovereignty of the border guards or the member states (similar) units,” said the Slovakian leader, who said that European politicians should support any solution that is clear to be able to contribute to the borders of the Union protect.
It would be possible to operate a good combination of partying units in each Member State and Frontex in which the latter would be more active in third countries, that is to help protect the borders and coastal waters of certain North African countries, said Peter Pellegrini.
Concerning the findings of the V4 meeting, he pointed out that the common position of the prime ministers of the V4s remains unchanged that migrants can only be accommodated on the basis of the voluntary decision of individual Member States.

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