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EU condemnation of two journalists in Reuters in jail in Myanmar undermines freedom of the media European Union 

EU condemnation of two journalists in Reuters in jail in Myanmar undermines freedom of the media

The condemnation of the two journalists of the Reuters news agency in Myanmar undermines the freedom of the media, the right to public information and the development of the rule of law in the Asian country, the EU Foreign Service (EEAS) announced on Monday.

According to the statement, condemning and imprisoning the perpetrators of serious human rights violations in the country also serves to intimidate other journalists.
Media freedom and critical journalism are fundamental pillars of democracy. Free Press plays a key role in promoting transparency and the accountability of democratic governments, they said.
The European Union expects the Myanmar authorities to provide the journalists with appropriate conditions for the free exercise of their work. The judges of the two journalists should be reviewed and released immediately, unconditionally, “he added.
On Monday, he was sentenced to seven to seven years in prison and forced labor in Myanmar by two Reuters correspondents for the prosecution of state secrets. The 32-year-old Va Lon and the 28-year-old Kjav Szo O ten rohingja murdered a man and boy in Arakan federal state.
In December they were arrested in Rangoon for the acquisition of state secrets. The two men claim to be cheated on them: police handed over to them official documents classified by state authorities as state secrets. These copied documents allegedly spoke to the army about the roles of Rebel rebellion.
In Myanmar’s state of Arak, there are more than a million Russians, mostly Muslims, and a minority of Hindu religious roles. The government regards them as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh, refusing to give them citizenship, so they are deprived of their rights and restrict their travel. The majority of the 56 million people in Myanmar are Buddhist. In Bangladesh, they are increasingly hostile to more than 400,000 Roms who live in the poor Asian country in the 1990s.
More than 650,000 Rhodeses fleeing from the state of Northwestern Myanmar in neighboring Bangladesh have been fleeing for a long time against the unarmed civilian population.
The law under which journalists were accused is still in British colonial times.

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