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The integration of Muslims in Europe has failed        European Union Big World 

The integration of Muslims in Europe has failed     

In Europe, the Islamic integration policy of the last fifty years has been curbed, and serious social tensions have emerged between Muslim and non-Muslim populations – said Incze Nikoletta, researcher of the Center for Policy Islamic Studies, on Sunday on the current channel M1.

According to the expert, the primary reason for this is that Islam was treated as a religion in Europe, but in reality it is a complex civilization: legal, political and religious. In the last fifty years, they ignored the political, ideological line of Islamic fundamentalism – he stressed, adding that political Islamic ideology contains principles that are incompatible with European values and other religions.
He stressed that the most typical example of political Islam is Sari, Islamic law, which also allows things to be done, such as the slaughter of thieves. In Europe, it appears, “he said,” that Muslims formulate political demands against the inclusive society.
Incze Nikoletta says it works in Islam in a double morality, which means that different rules apply to Muslims and non-Muslims. He said that there is no place for criticism in Islam,

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