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It’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding menu British Royal Family 

It’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding menu

King Fidanagan’s royal chef Mark Flanagan and the 30-person super team started preparing for the beginning of the week, but as far as the menu is concerned, there is still a lot of secrecy. It is certain that the couple had tasted everything, everything was controlled and they had a special request to make the majestic catches of locally produced goods.


During the hospitality, sandwiches and snacks are served, and the afternoon ceremony will be a standing reception. At this time, the cake made by the Claire Ptak confectionery, made exclusively from organic ingredients, is a cake of lemon and lemon flavored, which is covered with butter cream, and used to decorate live flowers.

During the dinner, guests can comfortably accommodate, though only the closest family and friends are involved.

Carolyn Robb, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, as well as the personal cook of Prince William and Harry told him what foods he would suggest to Meghan and Harry’s wedding menu.

The appellation is a heirloom tomato cake with handmade goat’s cheese and thin chopped crunchy Parmesan polenta, as well as tiny lettuce with crunchy ham, prosciutto and avocado. As a main dish, he offered salmon sliced in chili-lime salmon with red rice, next to corn galette, with French pies and vegetables. Finally, she would have eaten a brown candy-pecan pavilion with raspberry, peach and vanilla cream.


Perhaps we still remember the great excitement of the great day of the Duke of Vilmos and Princess Katalin. The couple’s wedding dessert was a cake designed by Fiona Cairns, decorated with cream and the white flowers chosen by the princess, decorated by the confectioner.

Katalin and Vilmos’s wedding menu included the following dishes: South American uros marinated salmon, crab from Lyme Bay, wild Norway lobster and fresh lettuce from the Hebrides, rinsed by Meursault with French wine. The main course was lamb with spring vegetables, English asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes and Windsor sauce, and dessert with berkshire ice cream, sherry trifel – English cream dessert and chocolate bar.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s fabulous wedding were the menu of fish, stuffed chicken, lettuce, lamb and strawberry cream. A total of 27 cakes were made for the big day, but the official wedding dessert was a one-and-a-half-meter tall, fruity-flavored white cake dress. Along with the many sweet delicacies and the wedding menu, four kinds of wine were served: Brauneberger Juffer Spätlese in 1976 and Château Latour in 1959, and a 1969 Krug and a 1955 Taylor wine.

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