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This is the most amazing fruit of the world Gastronomy 

This is the most amazing fruit of the world

Durian is also native to the king of fruits because it is very valuable and nutritious despite its terrible smell. But he did not only deserve this magnificient title, as it is also referred to as the most feared fruit of the world. Some people ventured to taste it, but they only found out that they had cut their axs when they opened it. There was a surprise. And of course there is a smell.

At the beginning of the video, a glassy, brown-haired lady looks like a smell of fruit at a bottom when she did not even hit her. Then the man in the glasses tells him that he knows only one thing about the durian: that he is terribly smelly.

According to the red-haired guy, it’s like a fridge that has not been saved for a long time, and a long-haired, white shirt-laden woman looks at it innocently. She does not miss the fruit after cutting the fruit. It is said that its smell and its appearance remind you of a raw egg-melon melon, while the others look like goblins and dumplings that sprout from it.

Indeed, one participant claims durian looks like a female genitalia.

After the first horror, the black t-shirt lady finally tastes and says: she tastes like banana and pineapple.

Durian seems to have shared enough people: some were delicious, others found it horrible.

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