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Look for this foreign book at the Book Festival! Book 

Look for this foreign book at the Book Festival!

There’s only two to sleep until this year’s Book Festival, start the week with a Paul Auster countdown.

Paul Auster’s novel has one hero: Archie Ferguson. Paul Auster’s novel has four different heroes: Archie Ferguson. A 4 3 2 1 does not just play the question of what would have been, but he would consistently answer. The basic situation, the family background, personal interest are the same, but Archie has four different ways of life, and there is a very different relationship with different key versions of his life, especially with the beautiful and intelligent Amy. A 4 3 2 1 is not only alternative life paths, but also the novel of the twentieth century, since the Fergusons can not understand the political and social changes and events, such as the Vietnam War, civil rights movements or the Kennedy homicide under no circumstances.

Source: Photo: NPR

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