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Facebook and Twitter once again removed hundreds of fake accounts linked to Iran and Russia Tech 

Facebook and Twitter once again removed hundreds of fake accounts linked to Iran and Russia

Facebook has removed more than 652 pages, groups, platforms, and Twitter from 284 “suspicious” accounts, most of the content being deleted from Iran, with a smaller share of Russian origin, “Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s cyber security chief and official blogger on Twitter.

Content that has been deleted from Facebook has apparently been co-ordinated to the community portal and has been broadcasting Iranian propaganda against Iranian anti-Arab, Palestinian and Palestinian issues and through several ISPs primarily in the Middle East, Latin America, the United Kingdom and the United States was trying to influence them. The San Francisco-based company, San Francisco, has rated this as a “concerted manipulation”.
Community media companies have been warned by FireEye Cyber Security Company. FireEye said some sites were operated by Iran’s Liberty Front Press (LFP), which, according to Facebook, is linked to Iran’s state media, including Iran’s Press TV. The first pages were created by LFP in 2013, then in 2017, but never revealed its Persian bonds. Facebook said it shared information about the Liberty Front Press with the US and British government officials. At the same time, the company stated that Iranian sites did not want to influence the US mid-term elections in 2018, unlike Russia-related sites and branches.
Facebook also announced that it has removed pages that are linked to Iran, as allegedly hosted by Russian military intelligence sources, according to US government investigations. Content removed mainly from Ukraine and Syria, but their number was not marked by the FB.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, told a Tuesday night teleconference: the investigation has been ongoing for months, but they have not previously deleted the pages in question because they wanted to know exactly the extent and intentions of the network. He said that the investigation was being resumed, all the more so as further “malicious activity” was counted.
Facebook and Twitter were reported to have been decomposed by Microsoft software vendor Tuesday in Russian attempted hacker attacks. According to the software giants, the targets of the attacks were US political institutions – two right-wing think tanks, the International Republican Institute and the branches of some Republican politicians in the Senate.

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