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The Aeolus satellite was prepared for the laser measurement of the winds Tech 

The Aeolus satellite was prepared for the laser measurement of the winds

The Aeolus satellite was launched in the space of the night, and the winds tested a laser measurement – BBC News wrote.

Meteorologists are hoping that satellite data will improve the quality of medium-term weather forecasts.
Aeolus was carried by a Vega missile into space, the rocket was shot at French Guiana at 18:20 local time.
The satellite was originally due to be released on Tuesday, but due to the wind force measured at high altitude, departure had to be postponed.
Aeolus can start the test program when it has reached 320 kilometers. The mission specialists hope that regular predictions will include satellite laser measurements within one year.
It measures winds by emitting ultraviolet laser beam into the atmosphere and measuring the return light signal with a large space telescope that retrieves air molecules and particles from moving at different altitudes.
Meteorologists then modify their models based on information gathered by the satellite, thereby improving the precision of forecasting. The measurements will have the greatest impact on the medium-term, ie a few days forecast.
Aeolus test mission that prepares the operation of future laser meteorological satellites.
There are several ways to measure winds: rotating wind turbines, meteorological balloons, or cloud observation satellites. However, they only report what is happening at a particular location or at a certain height.
However, Aeolus collects data from all terrain to the 30-kilometer high stratosphere. This would be a better predictor in cases where, for example, the big storms in Europe are starting from the tropics, meteorologists can not predict this power because the computer model information is not accurate enough.

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