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Adults play the VR Tech 

Adults play the VR

There are already virtuality publishers, but we still do not have the place to have such tools in every household. We talked with a home-made studio producer, Morpho PIX, on the opportunities and challenges of VR.
Long is the road to singularity when reality and virtual reality will be indistinguishable, but technology has reached the level that it is a useful tool with good quality content
– said Balek Jekler, the leader of the creative agency Morpho PIX, whose team has dozens of virtual, expanded and mixed content content, mostly to order industrial-business partners. They also collaborate with the Budapest University of Technology, at Industry 4.0 Technology Center, are holding industrial companies presentations on virtual technologies.


After several decades of rest, five years ago, the revival of virtual reality (VR) was launched when the first version of Oculus Rift appeared and suddenly the entire technology industry saw the future. One after the other, HTC, Samsung, Microsoft and Google, and a few dozen smaller companies joined VR, but we are still holding the good publisher to be expensive and not really good.

The same is true of the content maker site. The average users encounter 360-degree videos, VR’s enjoyable content, and the Samsung Gear 360 camera or the Insta360’s devices have done a lot to get everyone’s spherical panorama recordings. It acts as a gateway and guides users to real VR content when they can not just look around at a 360 degree shooting, but are free to navigate in a virtual, drawn world.

VR is now ahead of the video game, but it also has a strong support for IPAR, but most of it is in education.

Making the first steps is only complicated by the need to have profitable professional skills to produce professional content and, at times, costly from hundreds of millions to millions of dollars.

There are plenty of stuff

The price of VR helmet is slowly decreasing, and one of the biggest novelties this year, Oculus Go, has reached the price of about 120,000 HUF, which is far from being blocked by masses. The situation with the Microsoft Windows 10 helmet is similar: although Hololens, which is multi-million forints, is much cheaper than Acer, Lenovo and other manufacturers have reached a price level of 150,000.

Back to school

In fact, it’s good news that after the initial overpopulation, the mood around the VR was again attenuated. Even with the occasional VR death news, as we are the consumer most likely to see what does not work. In the viewers, the pixels are disturbing, the field of vision is narrow, the wires are uncomfortable. Most recently, the Magic Leap, which had been awaiting for years, has been leaked, perhaps that it will not be as big a breakthrough as it was when it was promised. But you do not have to worry, VR is probably not on the fate of 3D TVs and will be available in the long run, you just have to be patient.

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