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A volcano packet exploded, many injured Interesting Facts 

A volcano packet exploded, many injured

The modeling of volcanic eruptions is a classical and popular school experiment on natural science lessons, but in an Indian school there was little to end with the show’s tragedy.

The pupil of the Holy Family High School in the city of Kocsín and a teacher were wounded by the exploding volcanoes of exploding volcanoes. Fortunately, most of the injuries are not serious, and the students and their trainees are expected to recover soon.

The mini-volcano causing the accident was made by the mother of one of the children. It was not his first attempt at this, he had previously done similar scientific models, for which he still received a prize.

The PVC tube built into a home-made volcano was filled with vinegar and baking soda. When the compounds are combined, carbonic acid is formed, the embrittlement modeling the volcanic eruption. To make the effect even more realistic, tile and stone pieces have been laid in the structure. This was eventually overwhelmed with mud, but the latter decision did not seem to be a good idea: the mud was likely to have reached too much and thus had a great deal of pressure on the plastic container containing baking soda and vinegar. It is likely this led to an explosion, although this scenario is only treated as a theory for the time being.

The police, in any case, have started investigating the matter with experts.

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