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Pope Francis: prepare for our fellowmen for Christmas      Other Big World 

Pope Francis: prepare for our fellowmen for Christmas   

Helping our affluent fellow men lead toward the approaching Christmas holidays – said Pope Francis, returning from his Asian journey on the first Sunday of Advent on St Peter’s Square.

The Catholic Church chief said on Sunday in his regular Sunday speech: “With attention and vigilance” we must be prepared for Christmas.
Considering that, as we turn away from our fellow human beings who are aware of the misleading and superficial noise of the world. We must use our vigilance so that we can not overcome the world-dominated vanity that is accompanied by frustration and hope, “said the pope.
In the middle of St. Peter’s Square, a 28-meter tall pine tree from the Diocese of Elk in Poland was set up this year. The candle will be on December 7th. Close to the building-sized betley from Naples near Montevergine is built near.
Pope Francis traditionally speaks personally of the Vatican’s Christmas ceremonies: on 24th of December the vigil in St. Peter’s Basilica, the next day the festive sacredness followed by the Pope’s Christmas speech and the Urbi et Orbi blessing to the city of Rome and the whole world.

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