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The female giant panda of the Viennese zoo was a painter Interesting Facts 

The female giant panda of the Viennese zoo was a painter

Yang Yang, the female giant panda of the Viennese zoo, began to paint. The booklets are sold for EUR 490 (160,000 forints) in a Community financing project to make a book about the history of the giant pandas in Vienna.

According to the announcement of the Schönbrunn Zoological Garden, about 100 “paintings” are expected from Yang Yang, the works will be sold on together with the certificate of authenticity. If the expected EUR 25,000 (8 million HUF) is to be completed by 9 October, a bilingual summary of photos of the pandas from the Austrian capital can be presented with a richly illustrated picture.
Yang Yang, who first arrived in Vienna with his partner, Long Huival in 2003, is behind the scenes through a lattice, and animal care keeps the paper he is holding. Eveline Dungl, a zoologist, says the multiple mother enjoys painting, looking forward to receiving the specially-crafted bamboo garment, and if she does not have any other work, she can make more than one image in turn. Its style varies, however, with the suit of the giant pandas only uses two colors, black on the white base. His work is rewarded with carrots and sweet potatoes.
The album is about to be photographed by Daniel Zupanc, who has been photographed for more than 10 years in giant pandas in Vienna.
In the framework of the project, you can look at the backs of the Schönbrunn panda shell for a separate fee, and you can also buy bamboo rods with pandas’ munchies.
In the Schönbrunn Zoo, Yang Yang was the first resident to be a painter: Nonja, a female orangutan who died at the age of 42 in the spring also painted a number of pictures in the 1990s, which became world famous.

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