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FIFA Gala – Luka Modric is the player of the Year Sports 

FIFA Gala – Luka Modric is the player of the Year

Luka Modric, the Croatian national football player in Real Madrid, first earned the title of the Year at the International Football Association (FIFA).

Luka Modric was born on September 9, 1985 in Zadar, former Yugoslavia. In his youth, he lived with his grandparents and spent his days as a goat herder. His childhood was determined by the Croatian War of Independence, which was fired in 1991, in which his grandfather was executed by Serbian rebels and their house was burned down. The fleeing Modric family lived in a hotel for more than seven years, and Luka found the escape from the terror of the war in football. He said afterwards that in this difficult period he became a man like this nowadays.
He became acquainted with the basics of football in the group of NK Zadar and was 16 at Dinamo Zagreb. The team of the capital has loaned to Bosnia and Herzegovina for one year, and at the age of 18 he was chosen as the best player in the league. Dinamo came back after another one-year loan, and in 2005 he signed a ten-year contract with the capital’s club, where he won three league titles and two championship winnings in 2008 for £ 16.5 million for six seasons at Tottenham Hotspur.
During his four seasons in London, he scored 17 goals in 159 games, with the team joining the Champions League group. From there, in August 2012, Real Madrid certified 30 million pounds and 36 hours after moving to Spain, he had already won his first trophy with Reall: the Spanish Super Cup final was won by the ancient rival FC Barcelona.
With Modric’s arrival, Real Madrid returned to the top of the European club flip-flop after twenty years: he first conquered the Champions League trophy with Carlo Ancelotti in 2016, 2016, 2017 and Zinédine Zidane this year. He also won the European Supercup and the Club World Championship three times, once he was able to celebrate the Spanish title. Modric has been one of the most influential members of his team since the arrival of the 2014/15 season, with 40 or more games each season.
Four of the last six seasons were nominated for the BL dream team, twice as the best midfielder in the Spanish league and twice in the UEFA Year.
Six times have been selected for the Croatian football of the year, the national team has been a member since 2016. The team, who has been the captain of the squad for three world championships and the same number of European Championships since 2015, achieved his greatest success this summer when he went to the final in the Russian gymnastics, where despite the 4-2 defeat of the French he was the best player.
As defensive leader, he is also responsible for defending his team, but in the foreword, Real Madrid is also one of the most important links in the national team.
His current contract is bound to the Madrid until summer 2020.

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