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Beef steak with wild game sauce with basil dumplings Gastronomy 

Beef steak with wild game sauce with basil dumplings

The general belief is that everybody knows how to make a wild boar, but there are few good shooters. This is because the proportion of vegetables and seasoning is different in every kitchen.

Beef steak with wild game sauce with basil dumplings

Ingredients: (4 persons)

80 dkg gray turkey and white pepper

3 carrots

3 parsley roots

1 cs. parsley

½ head celeriac

1 head onion

1 dkg ground bay leaf

10 dkg of bacon in Cluj

2 eq. granulated sugar

2 eq. mustard

1 eq. flour

1 month. vinegar

2 dl sour cream

1 g. garlic

1 eq. oil

salt pepper

Method of preparation:

Grate the meat with oil, salt it with ground pepper and let it stand for a short time, cut it into 8 slices and squash. Then, in one pan, both sides are oiled with oil. Clean the vegetables, onions and bacon on cubes, parsley on a fine, garlic cut into rings, then squeeze it with the meat under the lid. Then pour over with enough water to cover it and cook for a soft boil after a boil. Carefully remove the meat and cream it with a botmixer. Caramelize the sugar, mix it with the vegetable purée, place it in vinegar, mustard, bay leaf, season with salt and bake with milk-based flour. Finally, bring back the slices and, after a boil, serve the tastefully decorated dessert with dumplings.

bread dumplings

Ingredients: (4 persons)

4 buns

5 fresh basil leaves

10 dkg flour

1 eq. fat

1 eq. oil


Source: Photo: Street Kitchen

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