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The process has come to Finis, not knowing what the outcome is European Union 

The process has come to Finis, not knowing what the outcome is

The faster the Roman government is promised, the Eurosceptic Five Star Movement (M5S) and the Right-wing League, which are increasingly in tension. The Italian press has gained a sketch of the joint government program on Wednesday, setting up a “shadow government” and a mechanism for exit from the euro zone.

Luigi Di Maio, M5S and Matteo Salvini, according to the final statements of the Leader of the League, may even announce the formation of the new Italian government on Wednesday. In Matteo Salvini’s nightly community video, he said, “If it does, then this government will be a real bomb, if not, then we will go again.”

According to other information, two parties on a week ago almost gave up on Tuesday because they did not succeed in reaching a common ground on many issues. Debates accompany the Prime Minister’s personality: it also occurred that Di Maio and Salvini would replace the Roman government with each other.
Almost forty-sided outlines of the joint government program published in the Italian press show that M5S and the League are trying to make their election promises when it comes to government. The amount of basic income promoted by M5S is set at 780 Euro per month and is tied to public works.

The League wants to re-negotiate EU treaties, the expulsion of half a million illegal immigrants in Italy and the closure of Italian mosques. The unborn government advocates tighter criminal law and calls for an increase in the number of imprisonment actually being downloaded. The draft program also includes a referendum on leaving the euro area. What’s new is that the M5S-Liga plans to set up a “shadow government” next to the official ministry team with decision-making powers. The government program calls for EUR 250 billion from the European Central Bank to release the Italian government debt.

The M5S League denied that the leaked document would be original.
Analysts do not see the end of the new government-forming process since the March 4 elections. According to the surveys, the situation gradually weakens Luigi Di Maio: the leader of the M5S, the largest party in the elections, or the government, or the wrath of his own movement. The weakening of the M5S will increase the support of the League and the center-right, but the failure of government to overthrow Matteo Salvini’s power. Salvini is in constant contact with Silvio Berlusconi, who has never been secreted to support the formation of the M5S-Liga government.

Il Foglio’s right-wing newspaper notes that the two parties have made themselves in a difficult position: in vain, they manage to shape a government or fall into the betrayal of their election promises or to introduce their impossible and “unscrupulous” plans. With the Italian populist, Eurosceptic M5S-Liga, “new barbarians take Rome” according to the Financial Times article.

In Luigi Di Maio’s video, he rejected the EU’s criticisms, stressing that no one can afford to despise the 17 million people who voted for the M5S and the League.
The two parties want to vote for the joint program on their weekend with their own members.
In the case of failure, the last solution may be the government of experts appointed by the Head of State.

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