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The peacock was populated – The Tatrospart Folkdance Group became the audience prize Festival 

The peacock was populated – The Tatrospart Folkdance Group became the audience prize

The Tatrospart Folk Dance Group won the audience prize at the Friday Finals of the Folk Music and Folk Dance Talent Show of the Populated Peoples, broadcast live on the Duna Television.

In the category of dance ensembles, in the category Kalotaszeg Legénytársulat, solo and párosánc category Mátyás Fodor, in the category of instrumental soloists and orchestras, Pósfa Orchestra, vocal soloists and vocal ensembles, the Pendely Singing Group could receive the two to two million HUF prize.
The one-million-forint special prizes of the Ministry of Human Resources (Emmi) were handed over by Minister Zoltán Balog to the Nógrád Dance Ensemble and Eötvös Remus.
One million forint for János Árpád János State Secretary for National Politics was awarded the Péter Ilosvai Selymes Folk Dance Ensemble. The special prize of the National Strategic Research Institute was awarded by Veres Mihaela for the special prize of Nyírség Dance Ensemble, Ministry of Agriculture and Hungaricum. He also donated a one million forint special prize to Levente Molnár opera singer and the Hungarian Folk Folk Ensemble to Borbáth Szilveszter.
The fifth edition of the Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund (MTVA) and the House of Traditions includes singing soloists and singing ensembles; instrumental soloists and orchestras; dancing soloists and dancing couples; folk dance groups were in front of the jury for seven to seven weeks for young people aged 16-35.
The performances of the contestants are Ferenc Sebő’s Kossuth Prize-winning musician, the artist of the nation, Márta Sebestyén Kossuth Prize-winning singer, Gergely Agócs ethnographer, folk musician, House of Traditions, Laszlo Diószegi historian, choreographer, president of the György Martin Folk Dance Association and Zoltán Zsuráfszky Kossuth Prize winner dancer and choreographer judging from week to week.
At the end of the fifth season, the show respected the Kodály memorial year. The talent researcher was the co-production of Liszt Prize winner Levente Molnár and the Hungarian Folk Folk Ensemble who made this presentation for the performance of the Kodály folk dances of Transylvanian dances.
The show was conducted by Péter Novák and Noemi Morvai.


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