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The French were sentenced to the first eleven World Cup qualifier Sports 

The French were sentenced to the first eleven World Cup qualifier

For the first time in the history of the world championships, the French national team has been awarded eleven video technology.

At Saturday’s meeting with the Aussies in Kazakhstan, ten minutes had passed since the second half, when Antoine Griezmann hit the ball in a good run-off, but fell within the sixteen. The game continued, and after the ball rolled over the sidelines, the referee, Andrés Cunha of Uruguay, indicated that he was using video help.
After looking at the monitor near the field, he was sentenced to penalty and Josh Risdon was yellow. The penalty was shot by Griezmann into the left side of the goal, leading the French to finish 2-1.
The international federation (FIFA) recalls in its statistical aggregation that the French team is linked with the first goal of the game with the goal line technology, the case in the Brazilian world championship, a 3-0 European match against Honduras. In the clash on June 15, 2014 in Porto Alegre, Karim Benzema shot from Noel Valladares, the goalkeeper from the Central Americans to cross the goal line, as the new technology made clear. It was self-sufficient, but the French striker also scored two more goals he had already booked for.

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