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In France, entitlement to unemployment benefits is extended European Union 

In France, entitlement to unemployment benefits is extended

Expanding in France the entitlement to unemployment benefits to entrepreneurs and dismissal workers, while increasing the control of the unemployed.

Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labor, in an interview published Friday in the capital newspaper Le Parisien on Friday published the ideas agreed by the government between the unions and the employers on 22 February. The transformation and expansion of the aid system adds to the labor reform reform launched in the autumn to make the labor market more flexible.
The Minister of Labor supports a substantial part of the agreement, but indicated that the government is more generous than the employers in many issues. Contrary to labor law reform, this time, the measures are not taken by parliament, but by means of regulations.
“There are still controversies, but just to move on. For more than ten years, the country has been immobilized as the world has changed, Emmanuel Macrand has been elected because the French are waiting for change. employers and trade unions. Every actor has his own job, “said the head of the department.
Emmanuel Macron’s main promise of promise was the central element of the reform, which would result in not only dismissed but dismissed employees as unemployed aid. According to an agreement between the unions and the employers, this would affect the employee if he worked for at least seven years at a company, the government proposes five years and would stipulate that the worker leaving the contract would have entrepreneurial plans.
The amount of the allowance was also debated. The agreement states that those who leave the termination are “entitled to the same entitlement as any unemployed person”. This is what the government says, according to the minister, although the first assumption was that the conditions would have been worse.
According to the minister, the measure would affect between 20 and 30 thousand people annually, and would be “a few tens of millions of euros more” than the EUR 180 million earmarked by the social partners.
The social partners did not want the dealers to negotiate in the eventual aid for uninvestigated entrepreneurs, and the government was entrusted with the decision. According to the minister, 800 euros per month would be for six months for entrepreneurs who reported bankruptcy and who had gained around 10,000 euros a year earlier.
Muriel Pénicaud also confirmed that there will be more control over the unemployed, so they will hire 600 inspectors throughout the year, with job-seekers going to deal faster and more intensively.
The bill is put forward by the government at the end of spring.

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