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On the day of the introduction of the GDPR, Facebook and Google are plagued by EUR 7.6 billion Booking 

On the day of the introduction of the GDPR, Facebook and Google are plagued by EUR 7.6 billion

The new EU data protection regulation, better known as GDPR, became active on 25 May and, on the very first day of its entry into force, Facebook would be charged 3.9 billion and Google would be penalized for 3.7 billion euros by an Austrian activist who reported the companies the Union, writes the Verge.

Max Schrems, an activist for the protection of personal data, has long criticized companies for having collected a lot of personal information about their users. Now you have the legal environment to report them.

The essence of GDPR is that companies can only collect data from their users if they can justify the collection and the user clearly agrees to store his data. They want to put an end to the fact that on the different pages in the background a lot of small cookies collect all sorts of information about the internet users’ habits.

One of the biggest innovations in GDPR is that it can inflict a huge fine on offensive companies. Because of this, several companies have claimed their European service, they were so scared.

Google and Facebook did not do so, they have redesigned their system and are likely to have been adhering to all the points of the new regulation. Akivista Max Schrems wants to prove in court that this is not the case. The text of the Data Protection Regulation clearly states that users should be actively involved in managing their data, but they can not force users to do so. According to Schrems, Facebook and Google are avoiding the new rules that their services are allowed only and only if the user clicks on a single click to collect all the data. This is clearly a compulsion.

“They certainly know they are breaking the rules, they do not even try to hide it,” said the activist at the Financial Times. Schrems has sued Facebook’s social networking site, Facebook’s Instagram and WhatsApp service, and Google as a result of Android data collection. The companies claim they are all compliant and committed to the new privacy policy.

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