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Google’s staff are petitioning for the company to no longer work with the Pentagon Tech United States Of America 

Google’s staff are petitioning for the company to no longer work with the Pentagon

The majority of Google’s internet giant team members petitioned the management to petition to no longer cooperate with the US defense ministry.

By Tuesday evening, more than four thousand of the staff members signed the application, which began to circulate within the company three months earlier.
The petition claims that the company would no longer stay out of “war trading,” or cancel cooperation with the Pentagon. Specifically, do not help the army to make its wires more effective, to identify targets more easily.

Gizmodo, the technical and scientific information portal, said on Tuesday evening that dozens of associates from Google submitted their denunciation for ethical considerations. Among their frustration, the Pentagon also provided artificial intelligence to the tools (software, algorithms) that allow target-directed drons to identify objects and people. The signatories of the petition are convinced that the increasing use of unmanned airplanes poses particular threats.

The petitioners did not want to comment on the inquiries of Google executives in US affiliation, citing that it is about internal affairs. The company had previously insisted that its work on the Pentagon would only improve the performance of the drone, but the Defense Forces of the Electronic Borders (EFF) called attention to some of its concerns on its portal. For example, algorithms used to detect targets are by no means as reliable as those of the US Army think, while Drones can become self-acting weapons.
“We are far from being able to launch autonomous drones for automatic killing,” said the International Commission on the Control of Robotic Weapons (ICRAC) on its website.
Google’s petitioners’ petition is supported by both the EFF and ICRAC.

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