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Traditional and new performances will be staged next year for the Budapest Circus Festival 

Traditional and new performances will be staged next year for the Budapest Circus

Traditional and new performances will be on stage in 2018, the 250th anniversary of the New Circus Art Circus, the Budapest Circus – said Péter Fekete, Director of the Budapest Circus Orchestra on Saturday morning on the morning channel of the current channel M1.

The head of the institution announced that there will be nearly 30 circus directors and 160 artists from 20 countries coming to the 12th Budapest International Circus Festival to open the jubilee year. For the opening lecture – as he said – the whole world will pay attention, as the stage will feature a unique horse show. The most successful performances of the series of events will remain on the Stage of the Capital of Budapest for two months – during the carnival they will be shown on the Winners’ Carnival program, and in summer, the water circus achieved last year will return to the public with new tracks.
According to Péter Fekete, the popularity of the circus shows is that it does not show virtual reality, but presents real performances, art art, which is the art of maneuvering – as he said – the art of human wonders.
The director also pointed out that the audience most liked the animal tracks, and the overwhelming majority of the audience wanted to see what animals they could see in the performances. Many people are afraid of them from the circuses, but the budapest company only allows people and animals to perform concerts on peaceful, peaceful co-existence and harmonic relationships – he added. He emphasized that in their performance for New Year’s Eve they also exhibit such a situation with elephants and traditional circus instruments, programs run full-bodied, and many Christmas gifts are also circus for their children.
The Budapest Circus Circus is preparing for full-length performances in the last days of the year, and the ticket office is waiting all day on Saturdays – said the head of the institution.

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