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There will soon become a Hungarian instructor at Cleveland State University United States Of America 

There will soon become a Hungarian instructor at Cleveland State University

In the United States, he will soon be a Hungarian instructor at Cleveland State University.

He discussed this with Orasoly Maróti, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs, Balassi Institute.

As told to MTI, talks have taken place for Ohio and Ohio for a year or two, but now only the small details are left behind, and from 2020 they will receive a permanent Hungarian lecturer in Cleveland.

There are currently 46 guest lecturers in Hungary, and this number is to be expanded to 70 by 2020, according to a government decision.

MTI’s question as to why Cleveland was chosen, Orsolya Maróti emphasized: Cleveland and his neighborhood have a large community of people with a high population and hunger, and university education and the hopefully fast-growing cultural broadcasting can be a serious basis for this community. The future instructor will not only deal with the teaching of the Hungarian language, but also with Hungarology.

Orsolya Maróti added that in North America, and within the United States, they are already working at several universities – even in an independent Hungarian department – Hungarian teachers, and everywhere there is a great interest in their activities.

The Egyptian education consultations coincide with the regular annual conference of the American Hungarian Teachers’ Union (AHEA). The 43-year-old organization brings together educators and researchers from the United States.

Endre Szentkirályi, a professor at Cleveland, told MTI that the theme of the AHEA’s three-day conference was the past and future of Hungary and the Diaspora. On the Sabbath, more than half a dozen Hungarian educators arrived in the gala dinner, among others in California, Iowa, New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. There were guest speakers from Budapest, Miskolc and Partium. There were lectures on the history of Transylvanian Szeklers, the history of the party school, the Hungarian musical personalities, the virtues of Hungarian folk teaching.

The gala dinner of the conference and the filming of the film Kincsem was screened, and the show was supported by the Hungarian Consulate General in Chicago.

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