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The cobwebs Hawaiion sound noisy       Interesting Facts 

The cobwebs Hawaiion sound noisy    

Hawaiian live crickets are noiselessly circulated – British researchers say they have “dimmed” their sounding apparatus during their development.

Scientists at St. Andrews University and Cambridge University have been studying the behavior of field clay on the Kauai Island in their Biology Letters study – read the PhysOrg science-promoting news portal.
Most field cricket rubbing their wings, giving you a voice to call your fellow-mates. The wing has the so-called circulating veins, which crumble the cricket to sound.
However, Kauain’s live field crickets have been subject to attacks for many years because their “song” is attracting parasitic flies that are used as haters for their offspring. The larvae peel the crickets from within.
Because of this, the cobwebs have evolved evolutionary evolution: their changed wing does not sound when they are crumbling, leaving the animals silent. However, researchers have noticed that the crickets still do not give up, and continue to crumble their wings.
In cobwebs observed in the open, practitioners noticed that muted males are located near cricket species that are still circulating so their voices are used to draw attention to the potential female.
In an area where only silent males have lived, the mating strategy has not been observed for the time being.
Researchers will continue to monitor crickets in the future. They want to know if wing wiping is diminishing. If so, it would be a sign that this movement became an evolutionary feature. If you continue, you will see whether there is any other purpose.

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