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HARRY POTTER Various tour Interesting Facts United Kingdom 

HARRY POTTER Various tour

139.900 HUF / person + ill.
Harry Potter weekend in London. Why London? Among the London sites of the film and the book, among others, the River Thames, for those scenes when the Order of the Phoenix in Grimmauld Square 12 and the Dumbledore Army of the Ministry of Magic are flying to the small team. In these scenes, London Eye, Canary Wharf, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and HMS Belfast are also featured. The 9th and 14th tracks were recorded at King’s Cross Railway Station. They used a telephone booth near Scotland Yard when Harry and Mr. Weasley entered the ministry while the staff closed the Westminster subway station on October 22, 2006 to skip when Arthur Weasley joins Harry at the Department of Magisterial Affairs. Invite the wizard apprentices here.
In addition to the above, we will show you everything that you need to look at during a London sightseeing tour.
July 20-23, 2017
One day:
WE OPEN Westminster Bridge, where the Kobor Grimbusz was transformed, the entrance of the Ministry of Magic, Bolt where a movie can be purchased, the Gringotts Bank reception hall, the Millennium Bridge, which was destroyed in the film, the shooting venues in Abu Dhabi, London
Day 2: Harry Potter Studio VisitHARRY POTTER studio. Bus transfer from the apartment to the studio.
3 days:
ROXFORD The most famous university city in Oxford. How does this have to do with afilm? Besides, is his name just two letters away from Roxfort? Anyone who is a great fan of J.K Rowling is compulsory to see the city, as the world-famous Harry Potter novel can be traced.
4 days:
CAPITULATUS Pancras Station, where Harry got out of the Weasley family’s enchanted car. King’s Cross Railway Station, where we look at 9th and 3rd / 4th races, Hotspots Express starts at the beginning of every movie. You can make a picture of a shopping cart built into the wall. You can shop at the Harry Potter Shop.
Participation fee includes:
Flights, accommodation, breakfast, transfer, guided tours,
Harry Potter studio ticket and hotel shuttle return to the park.

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