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Harvey’s tropical storm has strengthened, hit again in Texas and this time for Louisiana United States Of America 

Harvey’s tropical storm has strengthened, hit again in Texas and this time for Louisiana

 Harvey’s tropical storm strengthened Wednesday and hit again at Texas, but this time the neighboring Louisiana state was also hit.

    Forty years after Hurricane Katrina, the tropical storm of Harvey hit the state of Louisiana exactly twelve years ago. It is true that rain has been unbearably plummeting in this southern neighboring Texas since Saturday, and rescued people in the floods that have been in the southwestern state since Saturday.
    In New Orleans, the schools were closed down from Monday, with caution, six universities in the city, a teaching break for at least a week, and the main institutions were closed down. Mayor Mitch Landrieu called on local people on Tuesday afternoon to stay in their homes, not to go out into the streets because of the heavy rainfall and flooding.
    John Bel Edwards, the Governor of Louisiana, has opened a shelter for refugees in Texas.
    In Texas, Tuesday, the number of deadly storm victims rose to eighteen. Art Acevedo, a Houston police officer, tearfully announced that one of his co-workers, the 60-year-old Steve Perez, was just about to save when he spotted the flood and could only point out his body. A family with the elderly parents and their four children swept the flood. Later in the evening, one in ten meters of water in her apartment, she found help workers in a solitary, 89-year-old woman who had drowned in the drenched water of her home. In Houston and the surrounding area, the FEMA experts said rainfall was one and a half feet in the streets and on the roads. There is also an upsurge to the major bridges that can not withstand the pressure of the massive water mass.
    Not just a dam broke through South of Houston, but two reservoirs were overflowing at the western edge of the city, one flooding a quarter of a thousand homes. People need to be urgently rescued in another neighborhood where they have a chemical plant, and they can get dangerous substances out of the fast-paced flood by judicious odors. All of the oil refineries were closed, ExxonMobil announced on Tuesday evening that the storm had caused serious damage to two oil refineries. However, two nuclear power stations not far from Houston, according to a spokeswoman, are still in full force despite the storm.
    In Houston and the neighborhood, the ambulance goes from block to block, systematically trying to break the quarters. They still do not know exactly how many people might have been stranded in the water capture. Sylvester Turner, the mayor of Houston, ordered a ban on ban on midnight from midnight until midnight. Local people are always warned not to try to get out of their homes in the water-like streets because there is a great danger of epidemics and floods and snakes and alligators drifting through the canal.
    The Federal Disaster Management Agency (FEMA) announced on Tuesday evening that Wednesday, four military helicopters from the Singapore Defense Ministry will arrive in Texas to engage in rescue operations. The offer was offered by the Prime Minister of Singapore on Tuesday afternoon – by telephone – to US President Donald Trump.


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