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Murder of Hasogix – US press releases: Trump’s widow advises Saudi crown spell to deal with scandal Big World United States Of America 

Murder of Hasogix – US press releases: Trump’s widow advises Saudi crown spell to deal with scandal

According to US press reports, Jared Kushner, US President and Donald Trump’s White Counselor and White House Counselor gave advice to Mohamed bin Salman to Saudi Crown Prince after the Hasogdis Murder.

The President’s son continued to have private conversations with Saudi Crown Prince after having been assassinated by Saudi journalist Jamal Hasogdis in Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consulate.
According to the announcement of the New York Times Weekly issue, Jared Kushner gave advice to Prince Szalman on how to deal with the post-murder crisis.
Referring to former non-governmental officials, he claimed that the Chief of Cabinet of the White House – worried that Kushner could be a victim of manipulation by politically inexperienced people – restored the old habit of seeing the staff of the National Security Council in the case of telephone conversations with foreign leaders . However, 37-year-old Kushner and the 33-year-old prince of Szalmai, despite this tightening, were constantly in touch with each other and sent sms messages to each other. According to The New York Times, three former officers of the White House and two other government employees reported by the Saudi court reported on the newspaper.
Jared Kushner and Mohamed Bin Salman have been in regular contact with each other for two years, “he wrote.
The paper recalled that Saudi Arabia had already contacted representatives of the new administration after the election of President Donald Trump, even before the inauguration, in order to position Riyadh as the most important US ally in the region. In November 2016, a delegation from Saudi Arabia visited the United States and quoted The New York Times as saying by Riyadh that Riyadh had outlined his supreme relationship with Jared Kushner. “Trump’s inner circle is made up of businessmen who are not very familiar with political habits, do not know deeply the institutions and support Jared Kushner,” The New York Times quoted the Saudi analogy, whose documents were published in Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar . According to the analysis of the Saudi delegation, Kushner is not familiar with the history of American-Saudi relations.
“The surrounds of Jared Kushner (Saudi Arabia) were successful,” said The New York Times, which analyzed in detail the relationship and the relationship between the Trump government and Saudi Arabia.
The White House did not want to comment on relations between Jared Kushner and Mohamed bin Szalmana.

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