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Hasogix case – A symbolic funeral prayer in Istanbul to commemorate the murdered Saudi journalist Big World 

Hasogix case – A symbolic funeral prayer in Istanbul to commemorate the murdered Saudi journalist

A symbolic Muslim burial prayer was reported on Friday in Istanbul at the local consulate in Saudi Sahara on 2 October, after being assassinated by the Saudi opposition journalist, Jamal Hasogdis, after the man’s body was still missing, the Turkish press reported.

The funeral prayer was told immediately after Friday’s Friday prayer for Hasogdsi in the Fatih mosque in the historic part of the Turkish metropolis.
Turkish Foreign Policy Adviser Yasin Aktay, who attended the ceremony himself, told his Twitter account that he was remembered not only in Istanbul, but in Ankara, in the Kocatepe jams and in other provinces of Turkey, about the Saudi journalist.
Turan Kislakci, president of the Arab Journalists Association in Turkey, also said on Twitter that he was also sending a symbolic funeral prayer over Saudi Arabia, in addition to Turkey, London, Paris, Washington, Islamabad, Jakarta, Rabat, Tunis and Kuwait City.
In Saudi Arabia, Medina, in the morning, in Mecca, at noon, they prayed for Jamal Hasogdis. One son of the Saudi journalist, Szalah Hasogdis of Jiddah, welcomes condolences from Friday to Sunday.
According to a lawsuit published by the relevant Public Prosecutor in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, the newspaper Riyadh-critic Saudi journalist The Washington Post was murdered at the Consulate General by a poisoned injection, then chopped up and taken out of the building.
By contrast, Yasin Aktay and the Sabah-related Turkish daily newspaper earlier claimed that the culled body was probably dissolved in acid.
The Saudi prosecutor’s office in the Riyadh Penalty on Thursday sentenced him to death for five defendants. Ten more people are sitting on the bench of the defendants, but the great powers of the desert kingdom, Mohammed bin Salman, are completely cleansed.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu later criticized the Saudi prosecution’s statement, saying it was not entirely satisfactory. He indicated that according to the indictment, Hasogdzi was then executed at the Consulate General for resisting the Saudi group coming to the Delegation for their repatriation. However, Cavusoglu stated that the murder was already planned. He reminded me that breaking a dead body was “not the moment of the moment”, to kill and split Hasogji first, he had to bring the necessary tools to Istanbul first. He also stressed that they should also avoid the real instigators who gave the order. This process should not be closed in this way, he added.

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